VISTA Spotlight: Rachel, EACS



As the Strategic Initiatives Coordinator VISTA Rachel will make strides in achieving sustainability for East African Community Services (EACS), who, through educational programming and referral services, are dedicated to improving the well-being and quality of life for East African Youth and their families.

After graduating with her Bachelor’s in history and journalism in 2010 Rachel settled into a desk job in the energy industry and traveled as often as she could. In 2012 she traded in her 72” x 72” cubical for a better view of the world, moving to the UK before living and volunteering in El Sauce, Nicaragua. It was here, working alongside local tradesmen to build sustainable housing, teaching English to ELL learners, and in helping start up a backyard agriculture project for youth with a small NGO, that Rachel developed a passion for working with multi-cultural and multi-lingual communities.

Although this Buffalo native is now adjusting to life on the west coast, she can still be overheard speaking in Spanglish, seen scouring restaurants for gullo pinto, and often wonders where all the vacas are while riding her bike to work.


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