Brie- East African Community Services

How has your assignment morphed during your service? Do you foresee any of your current activities changing?


After months of accidentally saving documents to my desktop or even to the wrong, it’s once again time to re-organize my files.  The only problem, is that in the last few months, my job has been slowly morphing away from the VISTA Assignment Description (heretofore referred to as the VAD) that was given to me at the start of my term.  As my organization changes, and as I settle into the position, my job description has begun to change.  In the beginning, when people asked what I do, I would tell them: “I’m a grant writer.  I write grant applications for my organization so the organization can get money.”  At the time, that was true: grant writing was pretty much all I did, and also pretty much all that I knew how to do.  The part of my VAD about writing a Fundraising Plan, procuring in-kind donations, running a program, writing budgets, and maintaining the whole organization’s list of contacts frankly scared me a little. 


Since then, both I and my organization have grown in really positive ways.  EACS has hired a part-time Resource Development Director, which has taken off some of the weight of the largest grant proposals.  I have seen countless amazingly informative Webinars on everything related to non-profits, been to multiple trainings all across Seattle, worked with visionary mentors to make large strides in my administrative capacity, and just given the age-old college try to projects I previously thought were above my ability.  Now, it’s my fourth time overseeing the hiring process for a new intern/position, and I’m helping the  Executive Director and the Board of Directors plan the Strategic Development Plan meeting to ensure EACS’ strategic progress.  I have become both the Resource Development Coordinator, and the “Strategic Initiatives Coordinator,” which is the VISTA project that will replace mine at the end of the year.  I have even had an offer to be hired on as a part time staff person after my AmeriCorps term ends.


But still, the question remains: how do I organize my computer files?  Do I organize them by which grant or what type of resource they are, or do I organize them in regard to which project or initiative they pertain to?  This question of where my job title begins and ends will have to be sorted out as my position continues to morph, especially if I am to be hired on in after the term ends. 

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