Erika- ARTvocacy

Every year, for World Refugee Day, the VISTA in my seat plans an art show to showcase and promote refugee artists and their experiences. The International Rescue Committee has had a supportive home in Seattle since 1976, and we are constantly working to include community members in our work through outreach and volunteer opportunities. We commemorate World Refugee Day with an art show that features refugee artists and a naturalization ceremony in which former clients become American citizens.

ARTvocacy is so named because the show uses art to foster self-advocacy. Refugees are able to share their experiences through art and performance, and community members are able to connect data and statistics with the families who have been resettled in SeaTac and Tukwila and Burien. Every refugee has a powerful story, and ARTvocacy is an attempt to give these stories an audience. The other integral piece to ARTvocacy is a naturalization ceremony performed by USCIS in which a handful of refugees become American citizens.

Please join us on June 20th at 610 2nd Avenue, Seattle. The naturalization ceremony will begin at 6pm sharp, and the show will be open until 8pm. We will have refreshments, and while admission is free, donations are welcome! See you there!


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