Lauren: Partnering

The afterschool youth program goes on one to two fieldtrips a month to supplement school work with fun activities. We took a trip to the Tukwila Community Center (TCC) to play basketball. The students enjoyed the physical activity, and we worked together on teamwork skills and good sportsmanship. Somali Community Services Coalition’s (SCSC) afterschool program visits the TCC once a month for these types of activities.

We are working to plan an Open House Family Day with the Refugee Women’s Alliance (ReWA) at the TCC, and it is shaping up to be a beneficial event for all parties. We will be opening up the TCC to the whole community and providing a day of free fitness classes, day care, and arts and crafts so that the community can learn about what the TCC, SCSC, and ReWA have to offer. This collaboration is strengthening our relationships with both the TCC and ReWA. In fact, we now are involved in almost all events that the TCC holds. We tabled at their Dr. Seuss night to promote our programs, which resulted in two new families joining us. At the event, my main TCC contact shook my hand energetically thanking us for coming, declaring “this is what partnership is about”!

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