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Denis: Reflecting on a Year of Service

As I get ready to finish my year of service, I keep reflecting on the many people that I got to meet over the course of the year. I genuinely love working with people, especially people that come from diverse backgrounds. When I commute to the Seattle office, I take the light rail from Tukwila, and on countless occasions, I have run into refugee clients that I have worked with over the last year. My favorite stories are from people who were in my pre-employment class who are usually on their way to work as well. At times in our class, it is hard to see how our work affects people further down the line. People usually find jobs and that is the last I hear of them. Every once in a while, I will, however, run into someone at the grocery store in SeaTac or on the train on my way to work. I usually ask them how their jobs are going, and the vast majority are acclimating just fine. Seeing somebody else succeed because of the work that I or the IRC does is inspiring and fulfilling. I can honestly say that I love the work that I do, and I don’t know if many people can say that about their jobs. For this, I am grateful.

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Wuhye: Volunteer Impact

During this past quarter, the ACRS Volunteer Program applied for and was chosen as one of the candidates for the Volunteer Impact Partnership with United Way of King County. I have been assisting our Volunteer Coordinator in providing statistics on our Volunteer Program.  This is just the beginning phase of the partnership. I hope our partnership with United Way will help improve our volunteer program and get everyone at ACRS more involved with the volunteers. As I finish up my VISTA year, I can see this exciting new development as something the next VISTA can participate in and get involved with. 

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Lauren: Partnering

The afterschool youth program goes on one to two fieldtrips a month to supplement school work with fun activities. We took a trip to the Tukwila Community Center (TCC) to play basketball. The students enjoyed the physical activity, and we worked together on teamwork skills and good sportsmanship. Somali Community Services Coalition’s (SCSC) afterschool program visits the TCC once a month for these types of activities.

We are working to plan an Open House Family Day with the Refugee Women’s Alliance (ReWA) at the TCC, and it is shaping up to be a beneficial event for all parties. We will be opening up the TCC to the whole community and providing a day of free fitness classes, day care, and arts and crafts so that the community can learn about what the TCC, SCSC, and ReWA have to offer. This collaboration is strengthening our relationships with both the TCC and ReWA. In fact, we now are involved in almost all events that the TCC holds. We tabled at their Dr. Seuss night to promote our programs, which resulted in two new families joining us. At the event, my main TCC contact shook my hand energetically thanking us for coming, declaring “this is what partnership is about”!

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Newsletter Updates

CRB FAFSA MLK Service ProjectCheck out the latest update on Refugee Support Network accomplishments over the past three months!  RSN Newsletter March 2013