Cordelia & Denis: Refugee & Immigrant Legislative Day

“This month I attended the Refugee and Immigrant Legislative Day in Olympia with some of the ESL and citizenship students of JFS. The excitement of the students was contagious, and it was great to see all of the organizations involved in the event. For most of our students, this was their first time to the Capitol, and they were eager to wander the halls and take pictures of the steps. Several legislators gave speeches, which were listened to attentively. The students were clearly excited to learn more about their new government and how to make their own voices heard.” -Cordelia

“On February 14th, I took my pre-employment class down to Olympia on an organized trip with Refugee Women’s Alliance for legislative day. There was a rally to support programs for refugees and immigrants and a speech by new governor, Jay Inslee. The rally had a few hundred people, mainly refugees and immigrants themselves. It was a great day as the refugees and immigrants also got to meet with legislators to voice their concerns. The students in the pre-employment class found it very rewarding to be able to voice their opinions and help future refugees and immigrants.” -Denis

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