Traci: Banzai Sushi

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to go visit Banzai Sushi, a frozen sushi company that employs one of our clients here at the International Rescue Committee. I went to interview the CEO about his experiences hiring and working with refugees. He told me about the soccer team of Bhutanese refugees the company sponsors, and how they placed 2nd in a regional Bhutanese soccer tournament in California. He also told me about the ways in which the refugees that work at Banzai are shaping the culture of the workplace; their hard work ethic, positive attitudes, and love for their families and community has been an inspiration to him and to the other employees. This was an important experience for me because it showed me the mutuality of our work. While Banzai Sushi is providing our clients with jobs, we are providing them with hard-working employees that will get the job done well. And together they’ve created a partnership and a friendship that goes beyond work.

Find out more about Banzai Sushi at

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