Denis: Citizenship Tutoring

A great story that came out of my service this quarter is that of one of my citizenship tutoring clients. This occurred at the beginning of my service before we even got the citizenship tutoring process started. One of the immigration caseworkers let me know about a Somali man who needed tutoring after failing his interview twice. I sat down with him and realized that his English skills were very limited, and he faced many challenges before the interview. Citizenship was important to him, and he also needed it to bring his wife over to America.

I sat down with him for two sessions and instructed him on how he could practice on his own and then followed up with him after two weeks. I was surprised at how quickly he improved after he got some better coaching on how to practice. It made me even prouder when I heard that he passed his citizenship test. This made me fully realize the importance of the citizenship tutoring program that I have started.

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