J.T. Kendall

Resource Development

Jewish Family Service

J.T. Kendall is in his second year serving at Jewish Family Service’s Refugee & Immigrant Service Centers, located in Kent and Bellevue, WA. He coordinates the volunteer programs, recruiting and training community members as mentors, tutors, interns, and other roles. He also manages the donations program, ensuring that arriving families have furnished homes, and works with the Kent community to create a welcoming atmosphere for the families.

J.T. gained an interest in immigration and refugee matters starting with his study of Latin America and Economics at the University of Richmond. Following college, he lived and worked in Brazil and spent time with the Welcoming Center in West Philadelphia. He also shares a personal connection as half of his family were refugees from Indonesia during World War II.

Jewish Family Service: Refugee and Immigrant Service Center http://www.jfsseattle.org/refugee.html

Jewish Family Service of Seattle began in 1892 with the sole purpose of resettling Eastern European and Sephardic Jewish refugees. Today, JFS supports the adjustment and employment of refugees and immigrants from all religions and cultures world wide, including Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. With our many social service programs like financial assistance, ESL, citizenship classes, and job placement – we help new American families become fully integrated members of our community.

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