Denis Rajić

Educational Services VISTA

International Rescue Committee

At the International Rescue Committee (IRC), Denis is in charge of expanding the IRC’s educational services, which include ESL classes, pre-employment classes, and citizenship tutoring. Denis was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and became a refugee at the age of two. His family was resettled by the IRC as refugees in 1998 after living in Italy for six years. He is glad to give back to the organization that has helped his family and community. Denis studied International Studies at the University of Washington and hopes to go further into international relations. He loves soccer and basketball.

International Rescue Committee

Founded in 1933, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) serves refugees and communities victimized by oppression or violent conflict worldwide. In addition to helping refugees in crisis areas around the world, the IRC operates resettlement offices throughout the United States. The IRC Seattle was established in 1976 and provides the services and support needed to assist over 550 newly resettled refugees, asylees and victims of human trafficking each year. Through direct case management the IRC helps families and individuals rebuild their lives and become independent and involved members of the community. IRC Seattle empowers refugees to achieve self sufficiency through a variety of services such as: safe and affordable housing, access to health and social services, school enrollment, opportunities to learn English, and employment counseling to help find a job and succeed in the workplace.

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